Rainbow Six Siege Has No Actual Single Player Story Mode

“There is no story mode per se”, Mitchell says.


With this, Ubisoft is primarily focusing on the multiplayer aspect of the game and leaving its single player component to the wayside.

Simply put, it’s more of a training mode for players to get accustomed to each of the game’s Operators.

Further codes are being distributed for the beta, so there’s still a chance to get in on the action if you’re available to play before October 1st.

The gameplay is similar to the PvP modes of Siege, except you are now up against more enemies than just five human adversaries – gunplay and tactics remain the same. “You’re still gaining stars, renown points, and new operatives”.

According to Game Rant, the abandonment of a single player campaign might root from the fact that the game naturally requires a clear focus and rigorous testing to ensure a smooth online experience.

The extension is due to technical issues with the beta, which has left some players unable to connect to games.

Good news for those of you enjoying the Rainbow Six: Siege beta, you lucky individuals, you – it’s been extended.

Polygon, however, mentioned that the decision by Ubisoft to take away gaming is a clear signal of the changing and growing trend in shooter video games.


You’ll be able to play the Rainbow Six: Siege closed beta for an additional 3 days, extending the duration from its previous end date of 29th September to Thursday, 1st October. Even this year’s Call of Duty, at least on last-gen consoles anyway, will be a multiplayer only title, so to hear that Rainbow Six Siege will have no real campaign, comes as no real surprise.