Rainbow Six: Siege’s closed beta extended for a second time

It has been revealed that upcoming Ubisoft shooter Rainbow Six: Siege will not feature a single-player campaign, instead inviting solo players to hunt down AI enemies alone across the game’s core maps in TerrorHunt mode which will support 1-5 players. Ceilings and floors can be breached to create new access points. Was the beta enough to entice you to pick this up? Originally slated to end on Monday, September 28, the beta was first extended to October 1, and now again to October 4. In fact, Ubisoft is allowing those who participated in the beta the opportunity to invite their friends in. The beta registration page will close on October 1. “For example, if a player plays on Xbox One, he will receive additional Xbox One keys for his or her friends”.


Ubisoft also added that this is one of the largest betas the company has ever done, and they have identified areas for improvement of their dedicated servers. Renown is used to unlock operators and attachments, so it’s definitely worth playing during this time if you want to try new things.

PvP matchmaking has improved with an average wait time of 30-45 seconds. We will be keeping an eye out for those.


“There are still a few issues to work out, of course, and we will continue to do that over the course of the beta”, Ubisoft community developer Chase Straight said on the game’s forum. Previously, the only way to get in was to preorder the game yourself.

Rainbox Six Siege