Rangers employee fired after posting ‘Fire Charlie’ tweet during Longhorns

A Texas Rangers Tweet today for “Fire Charlie” Strong has prompted swift apology from the Rangers organization. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the only (or even the worst) Texas football-related social media mess-up of the afternoon. In a wild, wild West game between the Rangers and Angels, Texas took a 10-6 lead into the ninth inning. They are off to their worst start since going 1-9 in 1956.


The American League club acted quickly and announced the staffers firing via a press release.

As a social media manager, the biggest fear is tweeting something meant for a personal account on a team account. The Longhorns have struggled so far under Strong, and apparently an employee with the Texas Rangers has had enough.

After one Twitter user tweeted to a couple of the Longhorns players at halftime about still having time to transfer to rival Texas A&M, freshman cornerback Kris Boyd actually hit the retweet button.


Strong has had to deal with a lot of adversity in his first year and change on the job but I don’t think he anticipated getting shots fired at him from the twitter account of the local baseball team.

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