Realizing Chinese Dream is in essence promotion of human rights: Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced a Dollars two billion fund to support South-South cooperation in addition to launching the “Six 100s” initiative to help the developing countries in poverty reduction, agriculture, trade, environment, health and education.


Democracy and human rights are the common pursuits of human kind, Xi said, noting that the rights of people in different countries to choose their own development path must be respected.

In fact, while President Obama was making much of this anti-hacking pact he had signed with President Xi, he was also threatening to file complaints and take steps to impose economic sanctions against China if it does not follow its words with actions.

China will never sought hegemony, expansionism or a sphere of influence”, he said, adding that militarism was like “putting a stone on a nation’s feet”, hampering development.

At Friday’s joint news conference, President Xi defended Beijing’s claim to the area and said its construction work on artificial islands there doesn’t target any country and stressed that it “doesn’t intend to pursue militarization”.

Both governments would not engage in or knowingly support online theft of intellectual property, he said, adding that the two sides will explore the formulation of appropriate norms of behaviour in cyber space. In March, Beijing’s Foreign Ministry told organizations to “stop interfering in China’s judicial sovereignty”.

That both sides are keen to put the AIIB dispute and any conflict over the governance of the existing institutions behind them was also evident in Mr Xi’s public statements during his visit.

Earlier China said that it plans to launch a national emission trading system in 2017 to inject new political energy into climate change talks ahead of December’s United Nations climate summit in Paris.

Along with working with the United Nations, Gettu said, “We would like China to continue its efforts in engaging these developing countries”.

In response, Xi urged against “politicising” the issue of cyberattacks and noted that China stood to lose more from cybercrime, as the market with less developed capabilities, reported The Guardian.

Obama is trying to cement an elusive legacy on environmental issues and has pressed major polluters including China to agree to substantial cuts on carbon emissions.

Inside the room President Xi said he and President Obama had both “demonstrated a firm commitment” to a new model for their relationship.


The two leaders met for two hours on Friday morning before holding their news conference in the White House’s Rose Garden, following on from an informal dinner and meetings the previous night.

'Candid and productive' Obama and Mr Xi meet at the White House