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Once connected, game streaming is essentially an identical experience to using your console on the TV, with all of the features, including GameDVR continuing to work.


In-game streaming from a PC to an Xbox One, or Xbox One to a PC, is also on the menu. It could be used to easily blow up a spreadsheet or Word document from a smaller Windows 10 device or laptop. For Microsoft, it’s a chance to reinforce that E3 momentum… though it seems that the Xbox One will be headed into GamesCom with a bit of a handicap. Many were both pleasantly surprised and frustrated at the news that the Xbox One would soon include free backwards compatibility, but it led people to ask questions.

This feature allows players to start a party chat with their Xbox One and Windows 10 Xbox App friends.

“Brand new Xbox One User Interface experience that will be going out this fall and is really focused around speed and getting to things faster,” Xbox’s Richard Irving told GamingBolt at E3 2015.


This application will support the automated discovery of Windows Store games. Your Game DVR clips can be saved to a folder on your PC, from which you can share your recorded clips to your social channels like Facebook and YouTube. Brilliantly, this is nice and easy if you have an Xbox One controller as it can connect over Micro-USB – a phone charger, essentially. Once you’ve got access to a keyboard and mouse on your console, a variety of applications – not just games – are suddenly on the table. Because all the processing is handled by the Xbox One, it means you can buy a cheap Windows 10 tablet and enjoy gaming from your bed. As Europe’s biggest trade event, you can bet that all of gaming’s biggest platforms will make an appearance. Keep in mind that users must be running the latest build of Windows 10 on their PC.

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