Red Bull warn that F1 quit threat is serious

Daniel Ricciardo says he is “not worried” about Red Bull’s engine situation, despite all the uncertainty and is confident it will get solved. It comes after breakdown of the team’s relationship with Renault this season, which appears set to end in a premature divorce.


Indeed, speaking at the weekend, team boss Christian Horner admitted that should Ferrari follow Amy Winehouse’s example and say “no, no, no”, his team would be in serious trouble.

“We will either exit or run our own team”, CEO Carlos Ghosn told Fox Sports, with a takeover of the existing Lotus team very much a possibility.

It is now known that the energy drink stable, also including the junior team Toro Rosso, is splitting with Renault after the Abu Dhabi finale in November.

“There is a chance, how big that chance is doesn’t depend on us, it depends on others. I cannot really provide him with an engine, I’m not making the decisions”, Vettel said.

Red Bull’s quit threat is real, because Mercedes has ruled out supplying Red Bull, and Ferrari has yet to agree a deal.

Ecclestone has confirmed initially brokering an agreement between Ferrari and Red Bull, although Marchionne has expressed the same concerns about doing so as did his counterpart at Daimler, Dieter Zetsche.

“As a customer team you will only get an engine that is good enough to take away points from their immediate rivals”, Mateschitz is quoted as saying.

“We decided with our board that we as an engine supplier – and as a team – have worked hard and long to achieve the success we have today, after taking the decision to enter the sport again as a works team in 2010,” said Wolff to Never forget, we are customers – we pay for the product and nobody likes to spend money on an inferior product.

“I only can look at next year: if we don’t have a competitive engine there is no future in F1 for Red Bull Racing“.

The four-time constructors champions will stop using units supplied by Renault and is in talks with Ferrari for the 2016 season. “And if that’s the case we lose interest”.


But Red Bull will not accept an engine from the Italian company if its performance is worse than the one used by the Ferrari F1 team.

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