Regulators set to consider keeping existing rooftop solar rates, even though

“We believe net metering provides an important right for consumers to generate their own clean energy and receive fair credit for power they are sharing with neighbors, ” said Rebecca Cantwell, executive director of the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association.


Although the interim rate approved by the PUC today was not what NV Energy proposed, the company said that it supported the Nevada Legislature’s decision through Senate Bill 374 to let the commission define future net metering rules and rates. “This allows customers to safely contemplate investment in solar while providing stability to the industry for the time being, a positive result for the people of Colorado and those employed within it”.

“The hard work is now before the Commissioners to issue long-term rules” said Bryan Miller, co-chairman of The Alliance for Solar Choice, a coalition of solar companies that lobbies across the nation.

Warren Buffett’s Nevada utility NV Energy reached its net metering cap of 235 MW late last week, according to its online tracker – a development that is set to accelerate the solar debate taking place at the PUC.


“The PUC voted (3-0) today to maintain the status quo for the net metering program and close the docket”, PUC spokesman Terry Bote confirmed via email. “Nevadans will remain vocal to ensure that these rules allow Nevada’s solar industry to continue creating jobs and driving economic growth”. The utility argued the changes are needed to avoid unfair cost-shifting to other non-solar customers. Rates for rooftop solar were in limbo last week after the state passed its cap on residential solar installations several months earlier than initially projected. But while solar advocates are pleased with these recent victories, they see a rough road ahead. The rooftop solar industry expects that the utility-backed proposal would reduce the rate of adoption of solar power. “But we are hopeful that Commissions and policy leaders will continue to see past the utility rhetoric, recognize the true value of distributed renewables, and uphold solar options for the consumers they serve”.

NV Energy hits net metering cap ahead of schedule, adding fuel to solar debate