Republican Trump should apologize after latest Twitter outburst — Fox News

Donald Trump must rule out a third-party bid before October if he wants to compete in South Carolina’s Republican primary, a crucial test in the nominating contest.


DONALD Trump still hasn’t developed any manners. “Does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president?”

Kelly went on a 10-day vacation shortly after the debate, and had her first show back at work on Monday.

Trump’s response, in a nutshell: No way. “We want people who compete in our primaries and our nominating process to be committed to supporting the nominee”, he said.

The real estate mogul unsurprisingly had no shortage of positive words for himself, which in this case included his writing prowess.

Mr Trump accused the Fox moderator of being tougher on him than the other candidates on stage during the 6 August debate.

“You can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever”, he told CNN, later claiming he was referring to Ms Kelly’s nose.

While campaigning in Graham’s home state last month, Trump publicly revealed the senator’s personal cell-phone number. “But I get it. He’s in the arena and so am I”, she said shortly after the debate. While some Trump supporters have pilloried her on social networking sites, her ratings haven’t been dented by the controversy. Kelly responded that probing questions were part of her job.

Speaking of fringe, Fox News is officially back in the saddle for the sequel to Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly, a sexism-laden feud that Trump predictably reignited upon Kelly’s return to The Kelly File following a brief vacation.

In fact, Kelly’s vacation was scheduled well ahead of time, and Fox News called it “bizarre” that Trump would think otherwise.

Donald Trump took a break Monday night from insulting immigrants and his fellow Republican presidential candidates to go on a Twitter tirade against Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. Instead, it’s been Kelly who had to defend her line of questioning. Trump said Kelly “must have had a awful vacation” because “she’s really off her game”.

That isn’t going to happen. I do not think Megyn Kely is a quality journalist. “I would take his question in two seconds”, Trump said, adding that he wouldn’t mind if Ramos returned to ask a question politely. The controversial candidate added that hopefully in the future she proves him wrong and elevates to a level of professionalism that the channel deserves. There’s one in particular I’m thinking of.

He wears that cap everywhere. And Trump frequently mocks Graham’s low standing in the polls.

Will he appear on Fox again this week, given his renewed criticism of Kelly?

And now, I am guessing Trump is going to feel the fire of the Fox wrath, unless he apologizes to Kelly – something I can not imagine him doing.


Saying “I totally disagree” with what Ailes had to say, Trump added/promoted: “I will be in Iowa tonight with my speech being broadcast live on CNN and other networks”. They’re frustrated. I’m just saying that the policies that Mr. Trump is proposing are demagoguery.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has reignited his war of words with broadcaster Megyn Kelly