Republicans decry regulations during GOP debate

Chattanooga Tea Party President Mark West said Wednesday, the U.S. Senator from Texas will be visiting with Southeast Tennessee residents at GraceWorks Church, 6445 Lee Highway in Chattanooga. Cuban-born Pastor Cruz has compared Barack Obama’s leadership approach to that of Fidel Castro, describing him as a Marxist who “seeks to destroy all concept of God”.


“If you’re looking for someone to agree with the career politicians in both parties, then I ain’t your guy”, Cruz said.

Cruz’s answer came between contentious exchanges between Trump and others on stage over everything from the businessman’s sexist comments to his inflammatory views on illegal immigration.

Chris Christie – the first candidate to bring up regulations during the debate – pointed to his record of cutting red tape as governor. In fact, he may have even helped his cause.

The action-packed nature of the debate did not entirely work out in Cruz’s favor. “Trying to get Trump into a verbal wrestling match could be extremely helpful to their candidacy”.

And he took a shot at how the President is dealing with issues like terrorism. “It’s that they don’t want to enforce the immigration laws”.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio said God had blessed the United States.


Keep the Promise I is one of four networking ‘Keep the Promise’ PACs supporting Cruz. “I have never supported amnesty”.

Trump rally From left Jared Kushner Eric Trump his sister Ivanka Tiffany Trump and Lara Trump appeared in the audience in Cleveland Ohio