Researchers warn of bogus Windows emails

Mozilla CEO slams Windows 10’s impracticality as he says that the new way to set a default browser is much too complicated and requires more time than on all previous Windows versions. But it came across as trying to shove a square peg into a round hole. Apps that weren’t designed for touch – including Microsoft’s Office – got shoved into the basement, known as desktop mode.


“The dramatic idea is that this is Windows as an ongoing service experience that evolves with you“, the Forrester analyst said.

A new feature that debuted in Windows 8 and is now carried on into Windows 10 is Storage Spaces. It sounds cosmetic, but it makes a big difference in fitting in with your workflow.

Although live tiling sounding like an intriguing aspect of Windows 8 in theory, in reality the pain of looking around for information pertaining to notifications was a massive headache.

Cortana. Windows 10’s answer to Siri will play a huge part on tablets and phones. It has integrated screens for searches, a scribble pad for writing, editing and a mark-up option where you can copy webpages and paste comments next to them. I’m sure a third-party patch will come along at some point to fix the problem for people who prefer not tinkering with the guts of Windows 10. Don’t let the promise of a free upgrade tempt you if an email like the one below should happen to hit your inbox. But you have an entire year to request an update before Windows 10 ceases to be free of charge, so there’s no rush in deciding what’s best for your computing experience. According to him, there is no doubt that Microsoft Edge is a new and better browser altogether, but what about the freedom of the users to choose the web browser that they want to.

“This is all in the direction of building a relationship, being connected with you”, Forrester Research analyst Frank Gillett said of Windows 10. Don’t fall for hype that the Windows 8.1 on the machine can be easily upgraded by you free of charge. It was 0.16 per cent in June, when it was only available to Windows Insiders.

Edge Browser and Virtual Desktops – I’ve listed these both together as they are catch up features. Right-click to ask Cortana to define a word or provide a restaurant’s hours of operation.

And even in PCs, the longtime Microsoft bastion is under siege by devices such as Android or Apple tablets and Google Chromebooks. Any changes you make sync with the service once you’re back online.


The removal of the Start icon on Windows 8 so unnerved long-time Windows users that hundreds of thousands of web resources talk about it, awaited its coming “resurrection” and discussed apps and hacks to bring it back. This is an interesting feature since you can always modify your important apps just by dropping them on the task view panel.

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