Richard Hammond reveals leaving Top Gear was ‘obvious’ as soon as Jeremy

Clarkson was let go from Top Gear following a fracas with a producer earlier this year which led to Hammond and May also following him out of the exit door.


The document says the name can be used for television shows and all manner of merchandise relating to driving and cars.

Since confirming the Amazon Prime deal, the former Top Gear trio has been reluctant to reveal details of what fans can expect from the show, which is expected to launch in Autumn 2016. Only last month Amazon Instant video boss Roy Price said the team was still struggling to find a name for the new show however the trademark application would fit with the laddish personas of the group.

Clarkson has always been represented by Olswang, which has previously set up a string of companies later transferred to the control of the presenter and his colleagues.

Up against a show titled Gear Knobs, Top Gear would certainly have a battle on its hands to win over the viewers who are still all about Jeremy, Richard and James.

Just like this Tweet from James May.

Other names, such as “Speedbird” and “Gear Nobs” have also been registered by the firm.

“The main thing that is happening now is conceptualizing the new show, and getting a title”.

The “Top Gear” branding still belongs to the BBC, with BBC Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans leading the re-worked version of the series, and now it seems that a name might have been decided for the new show from Clarkson and co.

Olswang refused to comment, while Jeremy Clarkson’s agent did not return a request for comment.




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