Rick Owens at Paris Fashion Week sends out models dressed as models

His models hit the runway with other models harnessed onto their bodies, hanging upside-down.


“It seemed a remote possibility that Rick Owens would be able to top the controversy factor of his infamous dicks out just swangin” runway show for FW15, until, of course, he punched out a rogue model for holding up a sign decrying Angela Merkel.

While models strutted on the catwalk in neutral pieces worthy of a Kanye West collection – including sheer bomber jackets, sturdy sandals, sheer tunics, and tops with bunched fabric, the fun was only beginning.

Rick Owens sure knows how to put up a show-even if that means strapping on women together.

As for whether human accessories will become a trend, well, it still is only the start of fashion week in Paris.

Owens was quoted as saying: “I see [my vision for the collection] being more about nourishment, sisterhood/motherhood…”

It was quintessential Rick Owens – he loves to create a moment on the catwalk – and the staging of this monastic-themed collection was actually a comment on female strength, the weights women have to carry around, and they way they support one another. The American fashion designer told Dazed the collection is “about raising women, women becoming women, and women supporting women”.


While you think on that for a while, we have a few pressing questions: How did casting go for the show?

Models present a creation by Rick Owens during the 2016 Spring  Summer ready-to-wear collection fashion show