Rihanna Flaunts Curves During Barbados’ Kadooment Day Parade

So are the two friends or flirting?


As usual Rihanna was the party animal as she danced and sang along to the songs played during the festivity.

Rihanna’s elaborate outfit also caught the attention of many of her followers (and how could it not?!).

Most folks (you know, the ones with eyes) were falling all over themselves with praise, but that doesn’t mean her photos were free from negative remarks. The 27-year-old singer was photographed in the barely there bejeweled sparkly bra, matching underwear and a huge feathered head-dress while the racer was seen shirtless, showing off his tattoos.

Around the same time, Hamilton was also spotted sitting next to Kendall Jenner on a yacht. Who wouldn’t be! However, Chris says that he will not date Rihanna again as he cares too deeply for her. But sources say they are just friends.

Really, it’s no wonder that Lewis is reportedly “a bit infatuated” with her, is it? “Rihanna is still hanging out with Karim [Benzema], 27, at the moment”.

The F1 star was pictured close to Rihanna, sparking speculation the pair are dating, as well as dancing with a host of other women.

Rumors that the stars may be linked began when they attended the Met Gala earlier this year in New York. But Gigi Hadid recently opened up to W Magazine and denied that she and Kendall Jenner were fighting over Hamilton. I really don’t have any words to describe what happened.


According to Us Weekly, the couple split in February after Hamilton dragged his feet a little too long in putting a ring on Scherzinger’s finger.

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