Ringo Starr urges Paul McCartney to dig out old Beatles photos

Perry Bushell, Head of Retail, National Portrait Gallery, London, says: ‘The National Portrait Gallery Shop is delighted to be launching Photograph by Ringo Starr and to be displaying Ringo’s prints from the book – some of which are on sale for the very first time.


“I put the result of my work to use here and I’d love Yoko and Olivia to find George and John’s photos and Paul to go through his and we could put another book out because everything here goes to the Lotus foundation – it’s all for charity”. I had a lot of stuff in storage and we had to move everything and I started finding books of negatives, a lot of them I didn’t know I still had.

When asked how the group coped with their grueling tour schedule, Starr explains that The Beatles would retreat into the studio rather than taking a break.

Starr said he discovered thousands of old negatives in boxes he hadn’t looked in for almost 30 years.

He said he had always been a keen photographer, but was a late starter. I’ve got like six or seven photos from being christened until I was 18. “Then I got into the cameras and now there is a lot of photos”.

Fascinating though numerous early pictures and travel shots are, for many Beatles fans, the real draw is the many candid shots of Mr Starr and his three bandmates. “Growing up, we didn’t have cameras”. ‘Together they chart the story of four lads from Liverpool trying to live normal lives amidst the frenzy that surrounded them. Each of the prints is an edition of 25 and is available from the Gallery’s Print Sales Gallery and Bookshop Gallery for £1,900 (including vat) framed.

From behind the drums to behind the lens, Photograph by Ringo Starr (from 9 September 2015) gives an unprecedented insight into the life of one of the world’s greatest musicians. It will be published on 21 September.


He also claimed to be the first person to take a “selfie”, and shared a snap he took of himself in mirror that features in the new book.

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