Robbers with machete flee when store cashier pulls out sword

When a couple of would-be thieves stormed a convenience store in Pittsburgh armed with a sword, they were probably expecting very little resistance.


M.C. Hydare and his brother were working in a Pittsburgh, Pa. market last Friday (Aug. 14) when a pair of masked teens entered the store.

The second robber – who was being restrained by the customer he tried to stick up – broke away and fled, too.

“I use this one when I see him with the sword, to make him afraid”, he told KDKA-TV. The store clerk’s sword was enough to scare away the wannabe ninjas, but he should have immediately reached for his gun.

The store owner pulled out a sword to defend himself. One goes behind the counter with his knife and demands money.


Police said the teen produced a large silver knife over one foot long. “Don’t try this; you can [get] money in a better way”. The footage shows Hydare’s brother, who has not been identified, chasing the person holding the knife and his accomplice out the store. He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt with the hood over his face and black trousers.

One of the robbers pulls out a machete in the store