Rodgers admits a few people want him to be sacked

“You have to stick together”, the 29-year-old added.


“That is the way football is now – social media and Sky Sports apps, and everything like that”, Milner said.

” I think we had the better of the game – in terms of chances, possession and territory but the big man they had up front was unsafe”.

“There is a lot of things being said“. “There is always going to be that pressure when things aren’t going well”. “We are five points off the top with a lot of progress still to come”.

He stated, “I’ve never been able to say this in public before but I was seriously concerned that we thought we could blow Chelsea away”. There’s been talk of Carlo Ancelotti as well, but the club has denied making contact with the former Real Madrid Manager. Preparation here is second to none. “But it doesn’t frighten me”, he said.

“They got two goals and that’s something for us to work on”.

It seems insane to judge and criticise so early into the season, but after a 3-2 defeat at Anfield, Sherwood understands that results are all that matters.

“It was important we started quick”. It’s testament to how hard he’s working and how much he wants to be on the team playing. “Hopefully it’s the first of many”.

But Rodgers’ position was galvanised by the return of England forward Daniel Sturridge, who scored twice to register his first goals since a hip injury laid him low last March.

Sturridge answered back quickly for Liverpool, scoring a minute later in the 67th to make it 3-1 Liverpool.

Crooks then picked out the four Liverpool players who could help Rodgers’ avoid the sack.

“It is great to have him back”. He’s good. He knows I’ve got every confidence in him. In the 43 fixtures he has not played, they’ve managed just 66. But after seeing his side move within five points of leaders Manchester United, the Liverpool manager condemned the “hysteria” he believes has been deliberately stirred in recent weeks.

Liverpool will take on Sion in the Europa League on Thursday evening. “A bit of concentration was lost at the corner [Norwich scored off of], but we’ll sit down and get that right”.


The Belgium global was withdrawn at half-time during Sunday’s draw with Norwich and was due to undergo an MRI scan to determine the extent of the problem. Started to create. Over the last three games we’ve had about 80 shots.

Brendan Rodgers during Liverpool's win over Aston Villa