‘Rosewood’ First Look: Inside Morris Chestnut’s New Fox Drama

“‘Rosewood’ is a procedural about an eternal optimist who just happens to be the best private pathologist in all of Miami”, says series creator Todd Harthan in the exclusive video.


Chestnut plays Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., who goes by Rosie.

Jaina Lee Ortiz, left, and Morris Chestnut star in “Rosewood”, premiering tonight on Fox. With limited time for mistakes, Rosewood and detective Annalise Villa are forced to think fast and work smart to solve challenging cases. Lets start off with what is easily Rosewoods strongest point: Morris Chestnut.

Yes, it’s the old opposites-attract-and-solve-crimes-together motif that we’ve seen so many times before. Rosewood’s mom, Donna (Lorraine Toussaint), is on the cusp of some major life changes that will affect her children profoundly.

Working alongside Rosey in his practice is his sister, Pippy (the “toxicology queen”) and DNA specialist Tara Izikoff, who is also Pippy’s fiancée.

“Rosewood”, 8 p.m., “Empire“, 9 p.m., Fox Making the television population of America look more like its real population is a good thing. Hornstock and Rosewood have a complicated relationship: while he can’t stand Rosewood’s big personality and sunny disposition, he acknowledges Rosewood’s stellar contributions to the department.


Plagued with his own medical ailments, Rosewood believes that every moment of life, no matter how small, should be embraced and lived to the fullest. This heightened awareness allows him to see details on bodies that others can not . This has given him quite a bit of an ego, but you come to realize that hes got a health problem that makes him seem less prideful and more appreciative of his life and the gifts hes been given.

'Rosewood' First Look: Inside Morris Chestnut's New Fox Drama (VIDEO)