Rouhani: Russia, Iran agree that antiterrorism efforts are priority in Syria

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, who chaired the talks, said she was encouraged that many leaders speaking at the United Nations described the deal as an example of successful diplomacy and that investing time in dialogue can bring “important results”.


The release is dependent on final approval of a nuclear deal between Iran, the United States and several other nations.

But while the US and Iran have been at odds in Syria and in Yemen – where the USA has supported a Saudi-led bombing campaign against Houthi rebels allied to Iran – the two erstwhile foes have a tacit understanding about the common threat posed by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in the region.

“We must not forget that the roots of today’s wars, destruction and terror can be found in the occupation, invasion, and military intervention of yesterday,” he said, referring to Washington.

Mr Cameron said he hoped to bolster regional support for a political settlement in Syria.

“Rouhani is part of a regime whose survival is ensured only through daily executions, torture of prisoners, suppression of women and plundering of social wealth, as well as terrorism and destruction in the region”, Rajavi said.

But with Europe increasingly overwhelmed by the upsurge of refugees fleeing the conflict and IS in control of large swathes of the country, he has joined Western allies such as the USA and France in signalling a willingness to discuss whether he could play a transitional role.

The leader of the world’s No. 1 state sponsor of terrorism said the nuclear deal “is not the final objective but a development which can and should be the basis of further achievements to come”.

“He has helped create this conflict and this migration crisis“.

Playing down expectations, he said “I have yet to hear directly from the Iranians on anything direct. We’ve had a few conversations but… we’ll wait and see where we are”. The coalition should be willing to work with Russian Federation and Iran to find a solution, Cameron said.

“What America is saying, which I agree with, is that you need a transition but what’s clear about that is at the end of that Assad can not be the head of Syria“, Cameron told CBS Television Network.


Rouhani has been in the United States since Thursday, though he posted on Twitter Monday that he would be cutting his trip short and heading back to Tehran in order to greet the bodies from the deadly stampede last week during the Hajj.

Syrian President Bashar Assad center speaks with Syrian troops during his visit to the front line in the eastern Damascus district of Jobar Syria