Rubio, Cruz, Trump And Carson To Speak At Values Voter Summit

In two words: religious liberty. Former GOP presidential candidate & Arkansas Gov. … Rand Paul, who brought up the rear with 0 percent. “They need to be listening to what the people are saying“, said Kaddatz, who sells farm equipment in Hillsboro, Texas.


Bush’s team cited 14 public and private meetings with religious conservative leaders since April, suggesting that his absence from the Values Voter Summit did not signal a lack of commitment to their priorities.

Cruz, during a 15-minute speech Friday morning, whipped the audience into a state of almost constant frenzy.

The crowded ballroom welcomed Huckabee to the stage with a standing ovation. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, with 35 percent of the votes, marking the third straight Values Voter Summit that he’s won.

Cruz has sought to appeal to Christian conservatives from the beginning of his presidential campaign. Nevertheless, his polls numbers are among the many lowest.

The primary sponsor of the Values Voter Summit is FRC Action, the legislative arm of the Family Research Council.

Davis wasn’t allowing clerks to issue licenses prior to a federal judge ordering her jailed. Davis agreed not to prevent other clerks from issuing licenses upon her release. This is an evangelical conservative gathering, it is the far right of the party.

“Now that I’ve learned more about him I do like him much better”, Beach said. “That’s where we are”, Cruz said. “But the intrigue of Donald Trump is that he is unconstrained by the so-called forces of political correctness”. During a rambling 20-minute address, Trump uttered six words about religious freedom, in what amounted to more of a non sequitur than anything. You know it’s craziness.

Below Trump, Pennsylvania Sen. “It is social conservative influencers”, he said.

Trump doesn’t get it. He’s not one of us”, Bengard said.

In addition, Trump, who has held a commanding lead in most of the polls seems to be losing a bit of favor with voters.

A split has emerged between so-called “establishment” candidates, who are experienced politicians, and those who have positioned themselves as Washington outsiders. And it’s a mark of Cruz’s orthodoxy as a conservative versus Trump’s celebrity-based candidacy. “You’re special people“, he said. Perkins’ group organized the three-day event. As bad as that is, it beats New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Kentucky Sen.


“I really liked how he related the fact that he’s been fighting the Clintons his entire elected career”, Bowe said. Organizers estimated the crowd at 2,600. “They need to follow through on their promises”.

Religious liberty Ted Cruz ‘s conservative ‘rocket fuel