Rubio: Donald Trump Is A ‘Very Touchy And Insecure Guy’ (AUDIO)

Trump didn’t get very far into his sentence before the boos started flying.


Marco Rubio…he’s like a kid. “Rubio were a lock to win the Florida primary”, said Rick Mullaney, director of the JU Public Policy Institute.

Republican Presidential candidate Sen.

“Let’s let these suckers stand up there for another hour in a room that was 100 degrees”, Mr. Trump said, mimicking unnamed CNN executives.

He also mentioned that he ran for the Senate in 2010 “against the establishment my own party” because it wasn’t paying attention to such an important issue. “That’s not a speech”, he declared.

Rubio has been gaining steadily in national polls, along with former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, while Trump’s lead has been slipping a bit since the second Republican debate.

The Florida senator jabbed the real estate mogul during an interview with a Kentucky radio show Thursday. Rubio said the USA needs to first get illegal immigration under control and modernize the current legal immigration system, before dealing with the undocumented immigrants already living in the country.

“One of the reasons I am so privileged is that I was born to two parents who were able to be a constant presence in the lives of their children …the greatest gift parents can give their children is time spent together. Marco Rubio doesn’t mean anything to him“.

He still maintains front-runner status, including among evangelicals.

The caucus has generated interest from other candidates given Paul’s continued slide in the polls and the caucus’ unusual rules that allow candidates to claim delegates with as little as 5 percent of support.

“Folks, he hasn’t read the Bible”, Jindal said. In July, he drew criticism for saying he hasn’t asked God for forgiveness. “And I have better hair than he does, right?”

Trump: I’m going to clue them in because I have to to a certain extent.

In recent weeks, he has tried to make up for the missteps. He noted that he was not in the headline, but concluded by flinging the piece of paper he was reading into the crowd in the fashion of a rock star flicking his guitar pick at a fan.


“I’m Christian, I’m a Presbyterian, can you believe it?” he said. “They see a nation falling behind or outright failing”, she said. “That’s his good side, that’s his bad side”.

Conservatives boo Donald Trump for criticizing Marco Rubio