Rugby World Cup heart attack victim seeks savior

The players, proudly wearing the red rose, were all smiles as they posed for a photo with staff at the luxury hotel before their opening match against Fiji at Twickenham last Friday (September 18). Their presence doesn’t indicate an expansive running game.


“If someone you see naturally being disappointed, the boys are pretty swift to put an arm round and bring him back into the mix”.

Fiji head coach John McKee has warned England they face a real test against Australia in next week’s World Cup collision at Twickenham.

Those measures which are created to increase safety at the top of the game filter downwards so that the positive effect of those changes is even greater at amateur and age-grade rugby.

Clive Woodward, coach of the England team that won the 2003 World Cup, said referees should not be allowed to change their decisions.

“To be truthfully honest, I didn’t know that bonus points counted in the World Cup“, the 126-kilogram Vunipola said as he told how he had barreled his way through a wall of Fijian defenders.

Pennyhill Park has signed a long-term agreement with the Rugby Football Union (RFU), which has built an indoor training centre alongside the hotel sports pitch to act as the home of the England team for the next 10 years.

Owen Farrell and George Ford are both excellent Stand offs, but very different types of players. “I think it’s very important that my job off the bench is to try to up the tempo and try to help the team on the foundations that they built”.

“I thought our boys were awesome tonight, especially when you consider that we have backed up after such a tough game against England five days ago”, McKee said.

Fiji are a half-decent side and like other second-tier nations – like headline-snatching Japan – it takes until the last quarter of the game to wear them down and really gain dominance.

It seems they have looked a little more into how Wales are going to play rather than how they are going to play.


“We did experience some small communication issues between the team and the producer, which led to delays, but ultimately the decisions were correct and we look forward to a fantastic tournament”.

Scotland's John Hardie has been ruled out of the USA game with a head knock