Russia intensifies air strikes in Syria as Assad speaks out

Munzer Khaddam, spokesman for the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change, was stopped at a checkpoint near Damascus, an official from his group told AFP.


“The Russians have a few leverage because they’re coming in with a position that’s more coherent”.

“Russian support for him will drive the opposition in Syria into the arms of ISIL, strengthening the evil that Putin says he wants to defeat,” he said.

He was jailed for his political views from 1982 to 1994.

Assad said western governments were paying the price for their failed policy in Syria and that terrorism had been exported to their countries, as well as hundreds of thousands of refugees. A top official with Russia’s general staff, Col.-Gen. Another member, Abdel Aziz Khair, has been in detention since September 2012.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday that Russia’s actions in Syria are “worrying and disturbing”. The United States, France, Turkey, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Britain issued a statement condemning Russia’s airstrikes.

A coalition of countries has condemned Russian Federation for killing civilians and not targeting Islamic State (IS) forces in its deadly bombing raids on Syria.

It is these radical Islamists, he said, who pose the real threat to Russian Federation: “America will not send terrorists to carry out bombings in Moscow, but these fanatics easily could”.

Russian Federation last week began striking targets in Syria – a dramatic escalation of foreign involvement in the civil war which has been criticized by the West as an attempt to prop up Assad, rather than its purported aim of attacking Islamic State.

Washington accuses Russian Federation of seeking to buttress Assad and of targeting Western-backed moderate opposition and IS fighters alike.

Russian Federation began its airstrikes in Syria last Wednesday.

“Our intelligence witnesses that the fighters are leaving the areas under their control. Thus, the Russian airstrikes will not only be continued; their intensiveness will be increased,” he said. About 600 mercenaries have left their positions and are trying to flee to Europe. “They’re backing the butcher Assad, which is a bad mistake, for them and the world”, British Prime Minister David Cameron said.

A terrorist training camp and a suicide belt factory where among the sites hit, according to defence officials.

The Syrian conflict grew out of protests against Assad’s rule in early 2011, which turned violent after being put down by force.

A security source said they had been aimed at ‘military positions and command centers held by the Army of Conquest in Jisr Al-Shughur… and Jabal Al-Zawiya in Idlib’.

A few believe that the West have supported ISIS in the past in their efforts to oust President Assad, but the refugee crisis has created so much chaos that such a move is doubtful to be seen as either a legitimate or effective strategy.

Western powers claim the campaign is about supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. As this atrocity dramatically illustrates, all those fighting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq would benefit from a normalised route of communication between militaries that would allow governments to respond quickly to rescue or recover their personnel. “And that’s a recipe for disaster”, said Mr Obama.


Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama before a bilateral meeting at United Nations headquarters in New York this week. “It is a judgment that the overwhelming majority of Syrians make“.

Russia has launched airstrikes on targets in Syria