Russian failure in Syria will ‘destroy’ Middle East, Syrian President Bashar

Speaking in Madrid on Monday, the US Secretary of Defence Ash Carter said Russia’s support for Mr Assad was “doomed to fail”.


Russian Federation denies its strikes have led to civilian casualties and has instead hailed the results of the first three days of bombing, referring to “panic” among militants.

Obama said Russian Federation is supporting a “tyrant” under the guise of fighting ISIS. But the Russians will hit Islamic State, too.

“The chances of success for this coalition are great and not insignificant”, Assad said in his interview, according to an extract posted on Twitter, warning that the price Syria’s allies pay “will certainly be high”.

After more than four years of civil war in Syria, more than 240,000 people have died.

Bashar al-Assad says a coalition including Russian Federation, Iran and Iraq has to succeed against Islamic terror groups for the sake of the region.

Putin’s spokesman challenged the West’s distinction between jihadist and other Islamist rebel groups.

The Syrian opposition has also said it would not participate in those peace initiatives unless Assad agrees to step down. “We will not only continue strikes… Otherwise it will have no value,” he said. However, he didn’t divulge how the Russians were able to know the intended destinations of these militants.

THE former minister for Portsmouth has criticised Russian Federation for launching airstrikes against supposed Islamic State strongholds in Syria. The province is controlled by a rebel coalition known as Jaish al-Fatah, which includes the Nusra Front, but not IS.

At the Spanish military institution Ceseden (Spanish Center for National Defense Studies), Carter said “Russia puts gasoline in the fire of Syrian civil war“.

“Countries which support terrorism can not battle terrorism,” he said.

What does Russia’s military involvement in Syria mean for the future of the country and United States influence in the Middle East?

A separate statement in the name of dozens of Free Syrian Army officers said they would take part in the unified command “to confront the Russian and Iranian occupation”. “I don’t think that coalition will achieve anything except a certain balance between those forces on the ground to keep the fire raging”. American officials said there was no immediate plan to supply additional weapons to rebels that have been armed and trained by Central Intelligence Agency under a covert program to weaken President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime. “Western officials are in a state of confusion and their vision lacks clarity”. “The only goal that was realized…is the destruction of much infrastructure in Syria, shedding lots of blood”.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel also said that while “military efforts” were needed in Syria, they would not be enough to end the bloodshed. Assad said it was not for outside powers to decide Syria’s fate. Tens of thousands more are in a desperate scramble to reach Europe.

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