Russian Federation Begins Drone Flights Over Syria

It is highly unlikely that the IAF would engage Russian fighters due to the obvious diplomatic implications of such a combat.


Afterward, Netanyahu called the talks “substantive” – noting that both countries had agreed to “a joint mechanism for preventing misunderstandings between our forces” in and around Syria.

“Our policy is to do everything in order to stop arms deliveries to Hezbollah and to do everything possible to stop the opening of a second front against us in the Golan Heights”, Netanyahu said.

On September 16, debkafile’s sources warned that, like US President Barack Obama, who never tires of pledging his commitment to Israel’s security, yet turns his back on Iran’s pursuit of its ambition to destroy Israel, Putin too would have little time for Israel’s fundamental security concerns.

Putin has confirmed that Russian Federation, a staunch supporter of Syrian President Assad since the outbreak of the civil war, is increasing its military presence in Syria in support of the regime.

The premier said he also told Putin “in an unequivocal manner” that Israel would not tolerate Iran’s arming its proxies on Israel’s borders, and that Israel will take all actions it needs to prevent this.

Israel has stayed mostly neutral in the Syrian war, but the Israeli air force is believed to have carried out more than a half-dozen airstrikes in Syria against shipments of weapons from Damascus bound for Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. The Israeli Prime Minister pointed to recent shipments of advanced weapons to Hezbollah from Iran and the current Syrian regime.

“And to achieve that, Israel has required complete air control – master of Syria’s skies to operate when and where it wants – anywhere over the skies of Syria“.

At the meeting between the two leaders in Moscow today, Mr Putin said: “Every Russian action in the area has always been very responsible”.

“As for Syria, We know that the Syrian army and Syria as a whole are in such a state that they have no time for a second front. Putin has initiated some high level diplomacy including with the “Syrian National Coalition” (SNO), the main anti-government organization opposed to President Assad”, according to an article August 6, 2015 in The Saker, The Shuttle Diplomacy To Save Syria by Andrew Korybko.

US defense officials say they are concerned Russian operations may also target U.S.-backed rebel groups should they threaten Assad.

But despite its reservations, the United States on Friday launched military talks with Russian Federation on the four-year-old conflict that has cost more than 240,000 lives. USA leaders have said al-Assad must leave office after frequent attacks against civilians and the use of chemical weapons.


Moscow said a mortar fell on the embassy compound in the Syrian capital on Sunday without causing damage and blamed forces battling President Bashar Al-Assad and their “outside sponsors” for the shelling.

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