Russian Federation fighting “aggressive war” against Ukraine

“Russia refused to admit its direct military invasion”.


Two men described as Russian special-forces soldiers have gone on trial in Kiev accused of waging war against Ukrainian troops.

Aleksandr Aleksandrov and Yevgeny Yerofeyev went on trial at the Holosiiv District Court on September 29.

“We haven’t been abandoned”.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military repeated accusations that separatists were flouting the peace deal on parts of the frontline. The date of the next hearing is yet to be set.

The Ukrainian president said that assigning Russian Federation a place at the UN Security Council (UNSC) as a successor to the USSR was a “questionable procedure.”

Analysts believe Putin has recently changed his mind about seizing Ukraine’s coal mines and steel mills because of the huge cost involved in rebuilding the ruined and destitute region. At least 7,962 people have already died in the Ukraine conflict, according to the UN.

The Ukrainian leader said he expects Ukraine, the United States and the European Union to coordinate “a firm incentive for Putin to comply with the Minsk agreements”.

Russian Federation views both as fundamental threats to its nationalist interests that it will fight with trade sanctions and nuclear arsenal upgrades.

The speech, applauded by Poroshenko’s western allies, also urged members to limit the veto power that has prevented Security Council action against Russian Federation. “If that happens without effect in Ukraine, it could happen to any nation gathered here today”, President Obama told the General Assembly ahead of his meeting with Russian President Putin.

The 17-month crisis has seen Moscow’s relations with the West plunge to a post-Cold War low.

The mutual bans, which begin October. 25, underline the fierce tension that remains between the countries over Russia’s backing of separatist militias in eastern Ukraine.

The move – aimed at punishing Russia for its annexation of Crimea and alleged support for ethnic Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine – was branded by Moscow as an “act of madness”.

Russian prosecutors have denied she was smuggled across the border.

“I’m not talking about investments which are simply not available”, he said.

He also condemned Russia’s veto of an global tribunal to hold to account those who shot down Malaysian airlines flight MH17 over rebel-held territory in Ukraine, saying that “everyone in this hall understands Russia’s real motive”.


Russian Federation insists the men were not serving soldiers when they were detained. “I was taken across the border against my will”.

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