Russian military buildup in Syria concerns USA officials

So it is not about Europe did not accept them, or invite them as refugees, it is about not dealing with the cause.


Europe is to blame in its principles because it supports terrorism and continues to do so, it provides protection for terrorists, calling them moderates, divides them into groups, when they are in fact the terrorist groups in Syria”, he said. “This is the core of the whole issue of refugees“, Assad said. From the early days of the crisis when Assad was facing unarmed-protesters in the streets, he said his battle was one against terrorism. “As for other countries, we have no veto on any country provided that it has the will to fight terrorism and not as they are doing in what is called “the global coalition” led by the United States“, he said.

On Monday, two US officials said Russian Federation had positioned about a half dozen tanks at an airfield at the center of a military buildup in Syria and that the intentions of Moscow’s latest deployment of heavy equipment were unclear.

But the push has made no headway so far as Western and regional powers in the coalition have ruled out linking up forces with Assad.

“Air strikes… have not stopped terrorists’ expansion”, it said.

“The secretary stressed that there is no military solution to the overall conflict in Syria, which can only be resolved by a political transition away from Assad”.

The foreign ministry statement instead called for a “genuine consolidation of efforts” against IS.

If Syria falls, so too will Russian influence in the Middle East, already eroded by the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and the chaos in Libya.

Reporters questioned Gilad on whether or not Israel is communicating with Russian Federation in a bid to head off any unintended confrontations between their forces. I assume that we will be very careful, and so will they.

He urged the formation of a united front against the Islamic State group, saying the priority of every single Syrian citizen is to be secure.

– August 25: Assad says he is sure of Moscow’s support after the USA suggests that Russian Federation and Iran might drop him.

Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte said the low number of US-trained rebel fighters was a “joke”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meeting in the Kremlin in Moscow in 2013.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu will present the threats posed to Israel as a result of the increased flow of advanced war material to the Syrian arena and the transfer of deadly weapons to Hezbollah and other terror organizations”, the Israeli government said in an e-mailed statement on Wednesday.

– September 8: Damascus denies reports of increased military activity by Russian troops on its soil. “We do not see this [real wish to fight terrorism] when we talk about so called antiterrorist coalition and the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition”.


However, administration officials made clear that Kerry was in the lead on conversations with Russian Federation about Syria.

President Assad Syrian Refugees Left Because of Terrorism