Russian TV weather forecast says conditions are ‘excellent’ for bombing Syria

Light cloud cover “will not make flying more hard and will not influence the systems for aiming weapons“, she told viewers on Saturday.


“October in Syria is a great month for flying”, a Russian TV weather forecaster explained during a report Sunday.

“Experts say the timing for it was chosen very well in terms of weather”, the presenter said.

Russian military action in Syria, with which it has been allied since the 1950s, has put serious pressure on already-strained relations with the United States with allegations the Russian airforce has been targeting American-backed rebels instead of ISIL fighters.

Watch footage from the forecast below, via The Guardian.

Russian state media coverage of intervention in Syria has been overwhelmingly (and unsurprisingly) positive, despite the fact that only 14 percent of Russians wanted intervention in a recent poll.

“In these meteorological conditions, planes can dive below the clouds and conduct effective strikes on ground targets, and only climb higher if there’s active anti-aircraft fire”, she said.

Sandstorms could hamper the air campaign, but they don’t happen often in October, according to the broadcast.

State-owned news channel Rossiya 24 dedicated a portion of their weather segment to the weather conditions in Syria and how they would affect the country’s air attacks.


Russian President Vladmir Putin has insisted that the airstrikes are targeting Islamic State, but numerous sorties have flown over areas controlled not by IS terrorists, but by rebels threatening Assad’s regime.

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