Russians Flock To Egypt Despite Several Warnings

egypt unrestIt has been reported that Egypt’s tourism is spiraling downward since the government issuing statements saying that to travel to Egypt is a gamble that many should not take. However, for the Russians, they don’t seem to be bothered by the warnings and continue to flock to Egypt despite several warnings of the threats that are plaguing the country. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) has canceled sales of tours to the war-ridden country and the Russian Aviation Ministry and Transport Ministry have been asked to limit the flights that are going to be going to Egypt.


However, more that 50,000 Russian citizens have purchased tickets for Autumn. Due to the unrest in the country, tour operators stand to lose $35 Million. However, it seems that the unrest that is causing so many problems is not letting up. This has people scared that things are going to happen that will have a horrible outcome.

As for Egypt’s Red Seas Resorts, they are stable. This is why the Russians are taking the chance to go take a vacation. Many fear that the horrible things that are happening in the center of Egypt are quickly moving to the tourist towns and there are many who feel that it is going to cripple everything. Money made in times of tourism is what makes a country survive.Egypt unrest

The Ministry is looking at the situation as a guideline rather than a ban on traveling to Egypt. For the rest of Europe, it seems that they are paying attention to what news they are given from Egypt and in Germany, they canceled all trips and the tour companies are offering the people who purchased travel to go to a different country without having to pay the extra money to change the tickets. This is going around Europe as France, Sweden and other countries have joined in the same behavior. Egypt is losing out on a lot of money.


Russia seems confident that everything will be fine for the Red Sea Resorts and feel that they don’t need to worry about the warnings. Before the unrest, the tourism made up for 11% of Egypt’s GDP ($13 Billion) This alone is something that needs to change if Egypt is going to have a chance to survive. This Arab Spring is hurting the country in many ways, but it is hard to say when or if it will ever end.