Sac State salutes senior who helped foil terror attack

I truly feel like they experienced a blissful involvement, so they were rescued since the weapon was at Stone’s head, along with the terror suspect attempted to shoot two times, Eskel informed KXTV. He is also a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity and the Philosophy Club.


“I hope it’s a parade to end all parades, Mr. Mayor”, Bill Bird, a spokesman for the senate’s top Republican, Bob Huff, tweeted in response to Johnson, a Democrat.

A businessman said he helped three Americans overpower a gunman who opened fire on a train because he thought he was “probably going to die anyway”. A White House statement said that Hollande agreed with Obama that the three Americans, a British man living in France and a Frenchman who first encountered the attacker “demonstrated remarkable bravery”.

The suspect was arrested, but his identity and motive are not known yet, Cazeneuve said during a press conference at the train station in Arras, a city about 115 miles (185 kilometers) north of Paris where the train was rerouted. Sadler informed the AP which they noticed a train worker sprint down the aisle accompanied by a gunman with an automated rifle.

The men – who all grew up in the Sacramento area – in short order tackled the man, wrestled him to the ground, then tied him, saving themselves and passengers and becoming worldwide heroes overnight. Three people were injured in the attack, including the US serviceman and an unidentified passenger.

“He didn’t say anything”. “I came to see my friends on my first trip in Europe and we stopped a terrorist…” As Sadler implores us, we should vow to do something, anything, to help.

But Khazzani has denied any intention of waging a jihadist attack, saying he had merely stumbled upon a weapons stash and decided to use it to rob passengers, according to Sophie David, a lawyer assigned to his case at the beginning of his detention in Arras.

We are just weeks away from the 14th anniversary of 9/11, when another group of American heroes fought back aboard Flight 93, and thwarted a second attack on Washington. If anybody would have gotten shot it would have been Spencer for sure.

The three spoke at a news conference Sunday at the U.S. ambassador’s residence in Paris. “People started to restrain him”.

The news agency, quoting the Paris prosecutor’s office says that French authorities “are questioning the attacker and are expected to speak to at least one of the Americans on Saturday about what happened”.


The gunman, a Moroccan national, was on the radar screen of European counterterrorism agencies for his radical jihadist views, the official said.

A police officer stands by as a passenger receives medical attention in Arras northern France after being injured