Sam Smith Had The Most incredible Response To A Homophobic Internet Troll

Sam Smith has been open about his sexually since he entered the music industry in 2012, but sadly it hasn’t come without homophobic abuse from all corners of the internet.


Sam, who has been openly gay throughout his career, then went to explain that he hasn’t been offended by the account but wanted to show that homophobia is still present in today’s society.

The 23-year-old English singer/songwriter posted a powerful picture to his Instagram account showing a homophobic anti-Sam Smith page that had been created.

SAM Smith has taken to social media to prove that homophobia still exists. An Instagram handle by the name of “GaySamSmith” was made that included a small poem which included why “we hate f***** smith”. “I’ve never been in a relationship before”, he said at the time. They’ll never know what it means to be free and you are loved by all of the right people.


However the singer also revealed that he was once attacked in London as a result of his sexuality. “I remember walking in and this gay guy turned to his mate and said something really nasty about me”, the singer said. “I was on the phone speaking quite loudly and had pink headphones on, so it was pretty clear I was gay”. Otherwise, I could damage my voice again.

Sam Smith