Samsung Galaxy View benchmarks appear online

Now that most of the big flagship smartphones of 2015 have been released, the rumor mill is turning its attention to 2016. Even though using multiple processors in the Galaxy S7 wouldn’t set a precedent, it would be a deviation from the Galaxy S6 line released earlier this year, all of which use Exynos hardware. To address its rather tangible thermal issues, the device will be built with the Snapdragon 820 that is known to deliver less heat and consumes average energy balance for the whole device.


However, latest reports now indicate that the Galaxy S7 will be officially launched by Samsung in January 2016 and shall make it to the global retail markets a month later or in February 2016, cites the worldwide Business Times. The report suggest that the USA and Chinese variants of the phone will use Qualcomm’s chipset, while the rest of the available models will run on a new Exynos 8890 chip that the South Korean company has been working on. It’s also probably a huge load off Samsung’s backs to be able to share chipset production with Qualcomm, especially since they might attempt to execute the fastest sequel turnaround we’ve yet to see from the company.

Last year, the semiconductor giant was the center of controversy, as the industry began to claim that the Snapdragon 810’s performance was falling right before the launch of the Galaxy s6 models.

LG has finally unveiled its newest device, the V10 smartphone, on Thursday. While Samsung retains a significant market share in the West, where smartphones remain very much predicated on fashion, in regions where consumers have less disposable income, Samsung had previously operated successfully as an affordable alternative to the Apple iPhone series.

ET News writes that Samsung will explore this idea by looking at “market situations”. Samsung just recently introduced their Galaxy S6 and S6 Plus, but could it be true that their next flagship phone, the Galaxy S7, already leaked out?


The early release might be due to a switch in development tech.