Samsung’s New Gear VR Headset Will Only Cost $99

Koo noted that the new Gear VR device is 22 percent lighter than the previous model, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, and it features improved touchpad controls for ease of use.


The streaming giant is partnering with Facebook-owned Oculus VR to release a virtual reality version of Netflix that is available starting today, September 24, on Samsung’s Gear VR headset.

Experiencing a virtual reality (VR) world does not only have to happen on an expensive and extremely powerful PC – it can also happen just through a smartphone, all thanks to Samsung Gear VR.

The developer of the virtual reality headset claims that there will be various “Oculus Ready” rigs, including machines that cost less than $1000.

The mobile giant has teamed up with VR experts Oculus for the release of the device, which it hopes will help push its top space in the wearables sector when it goes on sale later this year.

Compared to the $199 previous Gear VRs that only worked with fewer phones, this headset will be a lot more accessible.

The company said Netflix is coming to Gear VR, though you can also download it directly to your existing hardware right now.

It seems that the new Gear VR is a lot better than its predecessor, the Innovator Edition, which was priced double as the one announced today by Samsung and Oculus. There’s also a gaming suite that Samsung’s calling the Oculus Arcade, hosting some golden oldie arcade titles from the Eighties.

Samsung is no stranger to the VR revolution.

However, comparing the Gear VR to the Innovator Edition, it is clear that Samsung has made several changes to the design.


But Oculus is targeting a broader audience for the device through Oculus Video, which will let Gear VR owners buy and rent movies through partnerships with studios like 20 Century Fox and Lion’s Gate.

$99 Gear VR Edition Revealed, Netflix and Twitch Apps Announced