San Francisco: No ‘legal basis’ to hold shooting suspect

On Saturday, a bouquet of sunflowers and another of red roses laid at a gate blocking access to Pier 14, a popular place for people who want to get a close-up view of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.


According to Andraychak, Sanchez, who has no listed address in San Francisco, is on probation in Texas.

However, police did not honor the detainer, ICE said, adding that the case “illustrates the importance of jurisdictions working with ICE in order to avoid needless tragedy in their communities”.

San Francisco with its flexible policy towards the illegal immigrants in the USA raised a national political debate this weekend after the fatal shooting of Steinle.

ICE’s latest encounter with the murder suspect occurred in March when he was remanded to our custody after serving a multi-year federal prison sentence for felony re-entry after deportation. The incident is sure to renew criticism of San Francisco’s sanctuary city policies. Sanchez reportedly told police that he was shooting at sea lions, which are commonly present along the city’s waterfront Embarcadero district, and hit Steinle by accident.

An attorney for the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department told the Associated Press it had no authority to honor the prior immigration hold when it released the suspect.

They had just finished having lunch with a friend when Steinle’s father, Jim, told the San Francisco Chronicle “there was a pop” and his daughter collapsed in front of him.

ICE said in a statement that Sanchez was turned over to the San Francisco Police Department this past March on an outstanding drug warrant and that the department requested that police notify ICE prior to his release so ICE officers could make arrangements to take custody. “There were none in this case”, said Frey Horne or the San Francisco sheriff’s office. None came up in the prison system, she said.

Police arrested Sanchez about an hour after the seemingly random slaying of the 32-year-old San Francisco resident. He was arrested roughly about an hour after Steinle, who worked a medical equipment company, was shot while strolling along the pier with her father. Horne says the city does not turn over people who are in the country illegally unless there’s an active warrant for their arrest. He says he was wandering on Pier 14 after taking sleeping pills he found in a dumpster.

Kathryn Steinle’s mother, Liz Sullivan, told reporters outside their home in Pleasanton that she “just kept saying, ‘Dad, help me, help me.'”.


Separately, the Washington Examiner reports that almost one million illegal immigrants who never showed up for a court hearing, including 170,000 criminal aliens, are still at large the USA despite being ordered in absentia to leave the country by an immigration judge.

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