Saudi Hajj stampede: Death toll of Indian pilgrims rises to 45

He therefore called for a thorough investigation on the calamity. Sheikh said the dead will be cremated in Mecca. My heartfelt and deepest condolences and prayers for the bereaved families who lost their dear ones in this tragic accident and prayers for speedy recovery for those injured. A large development crane collapsed on the Grand Mosque in the close by holy metropolis of Mecca days beforehand, killing 109 individuals, many of them pilgrims. Another pilgrim from Egypt, Osama Jawalat praised authorities for their response following the stampeded.


The Saudi government had been criticised in a few quarters over the organisation of the annual pilgrimage.

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry says the almost 1,100 photos distributed to foreign diplomats to help identify nationals who’ve died in the hajj are from the entire pilgrimage and not just a disaster near Mecca.

Numerous dead were Africans including Nigerians. Indonesia said two of its citizens were among the dead, while there were reports of Pakistani fatalities.

“As for the things that humans can not control, you are not blamed for them”. The Haj is the fifth and final pillar of Islam which all able-bodied Muslims should perform once in their life time if they can afford.

King Salman has ordered the formation of a committee to probe the incident during the five-day pilgrimage, in which around two million people from more than 180 countries took part.

Mukhtar said a few pilgrims were missing, though he did not give the number of those unaccounted for.

Mina has in the past been the site of major stampedes that have killed hundreds of people.

Mahmoud Al Rimawi wrote in the Sharjah-based daily Al Khaleej that no one was as shocked to hear of the deaths in Mina as the Saudi people and the kingdom’s government, which is entrusted with organising the Haj season. Saeed Ohadi, the head of the organization, has said the number of the Iranian victims is expected to rise.


In all, 769 pilgrims from around the world died and more than 800 suffered injuries in the stampede, which occurred when tens of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world had gathered in Mina for the “stoning the devil” ritual.

Saudi Hajj stampede: Death toll of Indian pilgrims rises to 45