Scandal “Heavy Is the Head” Season 5 Premiere 2015

He also blew up the remaining B613 files and agreed to set Mama Pope free if she signed a contract denying B613’s existence. Not to worry, we’ve got it handled. How’d you land the job?


“I don’t think she has the luxury of absolute indulgence like she did at the beginning of season 4”. And when Fitz learned from Elizabeth (Portia de Rossi) that Mellie and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) worked with Rowan, he kicked both of them out of the White House (and replaced Cyrus with Liz). I did some sketches and some mood boards and Betsy (Beers) and Shonda hired me.

How did that process of creating a mood board for Olivia Pope work? The only question is which character’s aesthetic is most like yours? The tagline “At Last” hints at Olivia-Fitz coming together. She does not have to stick to the DC rules. The whole thing happened so quickly, and the woman seemed relentless, leaving the 38-year-old mom totally stunned and distressed.

Judy Smith, the crisis management expert whom Scandal’s Olivia Pope is based on, has taken on numerous high profile cases with clients from the entertainment industry, athletes, and politicians.

Do you feel like the tone of the show is shifting this season?

Furthermore, Kerry Washington is a supporter of gay rights.

Film is a collaborative medium. “I figure I won’t see the pope at a party”. Let us know your take in the comments section below! “I need to get my life together”. However, knowing the type of influence the character has, he might not be in there for very long.

As we approach the fifth season of Scandal, we’ve had the pleasure of watching these gladiators in action from handling murders and infidelity, to running campaigns or taking down criminal, renegade forces. After a season of fooling around, Connor, the playboy of the Keating Five, has finally claimed his lover, Oliver, as his boyfriend.

But Rhimes assured that fans will see the “the reconstitution” of the Olivia Pope and Associates, TV Line wrote.

Moving on. Olake talks about them not being able to stand in the sun for the 100th time and I’m like, maybe you guys should break up because Al Roker’s weather reports have made it clear that most days, they will be, in fact, standing in the Sunday. But what I say to most people is that Kerry rarely wears a suit.

How we left things: She was packing her bags. People assume that she’s wearing a suit, but she rarely, rarely does. As in all relationships, when you get into the light of day, you have to factor in all kinds of things that didn’t exist when you were having a secret relationship.


And we won’t have to wait long to find out the resolution of these cliffhangers.

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