Scandal Recap 9/24/15: Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere “Heavy Is the Head”

Fitz doesn’t want to wait for his life with Olivia to start; he wants them to have the sun, in Vermont, with jam, right away.


And we are wondering, did Sally forget she killed her husband, Daniel Douglas? Olivia and Fitz find their way into each other’s arms and ask each other what’s next.

Smith, like the character she inspired, can’t do it all on her own.

Will they live happily ever after? Shonda Rhimes revealed that the Scandal Season 5 premiere will pick up “almost where we left off”. Everything is connected; everything is related. As previews for next week show, Olivia is dealing with the worst scandal possible. Her four-part response as to why she betrayed Virginia’s next senator is highlighted by the declaration that she’s now the one standing by the side of the most powerful man on the planet. Consider this your Coles Notes to Season 4: a binge-watching meal replacement that breaks down its highlights and lowlights to give you maximum premiere pleasure.

Ya Heard With Perd tells us that Princess Emily of Caledonia is dead in a gruesome vehicle accident.

The former White House Director of Communications, played by Kerry Washington, was shown getting rather intimate with President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) in several steamy scenes that opened up the season five of Scandal. Olitz fans are hoping that the couple finally goes public this fall. Next, Fitz fires Cy because he knows that Mellie came to Cy to fix the mess she made. Each week could be a two-hour movie.

That’s it, guys. You’re all caught up now! How will this impact the relationship between you and Mellie, but also her and Olivia? Huck to Olivia, when he notices that she’s not spending the evening with Fitz. She was the “world’s princess”.

Part two is Fitz has always wanted to declare and throw down and move forward with Olivia and marry her and be done with this.

Here are some spoilers for this week’s episode 1. Come back next week to find out!

Last season, we really loved the Fitz and Mellie relationship – married in name only, but partners in another sense. Olivia brought the findings to the Queen, who ordered that there be no investigation. Why? A family of badass, ruthless lawyers with a lot of baggage.

But Fitz is not without is political adversaries. Well, except for Quinn. Both of these things leave little time to take on new clients. It wasn’t enough. They needed to make front page news. So it’s only natural to think Sally’s speech might be about them: “A commoner, an all-American girl”, who leaves her normal life for one with a prince. Even better, it sets up a compelling mystery for the rest of the season.

“It wraps a bunch of things up”.

Forget how last season ended?

Unfortunately, someone in the White House doesn’t want to afford them that opportunity.

OPA is down to just one employee, the hard-working Quinn, as Huck has become a nondescript lump on Olivia’s couch since the bus incident. There were barely any clients coming in for help while the latter half of the season focused on taking down B613.

The Gladiators have gone their separate ways in the past few seasons. Some characters like to make guest appearances on Olivia’s team including Jake Ballard and David Rosen (Joshua Malina).

This comes after Washington told the Television Critics Association’s tour this summer that even she was surprised by the new season’s devious plotline. Many speculate it is Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.), the activist most notably from episode 14, “The Lawn Chair” since he was promoted to a series regular. Huck reaches out to Jake for help, instead. Quinn called Huck a “coward” for not telling Liv what he’d done. And Olivia couldn’t breathe a word of it because she’d signed a non-disclosure agreement. Reconnects with wife Mellie, only to boot her out of the White House in the end.


Just because intelligence operative Jake let Olivia go doesn’t mean he won’t still carry a torch.

Kerry has no flaws in two new looks