‘Scratching noise’ in woman’s ear caused by spider weaving web

This ended up causing more pain for Meng.


A Chinese woman who thought she was under a curse actually had a spider embedded in her ear. It wasn’t immediately clear when, if ever, she plans to go hiking again.

Li admitted she had delayed going to see medics because she feared the scratching sounds, which only she could hear, may be due to the fact she had been possessed by evil spirits.

I even went to a temple to pray, but it didn’t help.

Li Meng, from Xiamen, China, kept hearing mysterious “scratching” noises in her ear and had no idea what was causing it – and perhaps now she wishes she never would have found out. The task wasn’t exactly easy, as when doctors attempted to remove it, it reacted violently. Doctors still had to remove the tiny creature from her ear, but every time they tried the little pest would scamper around within Meng’s ear, causing her great pain.

Eventually doctors subdued the spider with medicine and pulled it out with tweezers, CEN reported. The noises were accompanied by sharp pains in her ear, which painkillers did nothing to ease.

In a similar report by the Daily Mail, the 25-year old woman said that she went hiking with her boyfriend several days ago and then spotted a fruit-laden tree behind a cemetery.


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