‘Scream Queens’: Chad Michael Murray, Patrick Schwarzenegger Start Filming For

We learned last week that Grace’s dad is insane protective. He sits in the darkened lecture hall watching with intensity. “I’ve never been one of the cool kids before”, Michele said.


“I’m gonna make you over, but first, I’m gonna need a few pliers”.

To start with, the mystery involving the Red Devil is only going to get more complex as the season develops. We find out later he even has Grace’s phone on a Global Positioning System tracker. The surprise attack was an excellent action sequence and we actually believed Gigi was about to be killed. Meanwhile Grace and Pete will pay a visit to a mysterious woman with ties to Kappa’s past.

Oliver Hudson as Wes in “Chainsaw“. At this point Munsch also tells Gigi that they are to move into the Kappa house for a week to protect the girls. The confrontation is interrupted by the arrival of Munsch and Gigi, who announce that they are temporarily moving in. While the other girls are shocked at Hester/Chanel #6’s handsome transformation, #5 flips out, calling Chanel a b*tch and saying that she not only has no respect for the rules of Kappa or anyone in the house, but that she doesn’t deserve to be KKT president. “Chainsaw” boasted not one TWO stunning Niecy Nash scenes, a mind-bogglingly hilarious bit involving a white noise machine, and the whole episode paid homage to the classic film Texas Chain Saw Massacre (a true classic).

The publication also added that other characters from the show will be looking for the Red Devil. There is a struggle but the Red Devil overpowers him, eventually sawing Coney in half. It doesn’t really make sense for her to be the Red Devil. “Also, Hester grows closer to Chad, Denise continues her search for the red devil killer and Dean Munsch does everything in her power to keep Wallace University open”. The sorority sisters discussed their flings with Chad, just as Chanel introduced the revamped Hester, who is now known as Chanel #6.

The newly glam Hester on the biggest perk of becoming Chanel No. 6. Now, on the twentieth anniversary of her death, she possibly returns for revenge. Grace and Zayday aren’t fully accepting her death though, because Chanel #2 has been Instagramming her limp little body from the great beyond. There could be a twist where it turns out to be Grace and her dad, with the help of Boone.

If there’s no way of telling precisely how the three-day VOD/Hulu/FoxNow uplift will impact the currency data – the first batch of C3 numbers won’t be available until the week of October 12 – “Scream Queens” could see as much as a 0.5-point improvement from its 1.7 live-plus-same-day demo rating. She might be on to something with ZayDay. Her deadpanned reveal of the bagged chainsaw was a delight. The main secret is that Charles Manson is her father. Then again, she and Boone don’t exactly look like they would partner up.

On the Dickie Dollar Scholars ” They’re typical frat boys. Replacing the Red Devil is a soft-serve ice cream cone named Coney.

Last night’s Scream Queens was… not good. However, his days of hidden identity butt pinching, boob grabbing and money swiping ended quickly.


For better or for worse, network television, when it’s new, is impossible to binge in 2015. If the Red Devil and that baby are the same person, then Chanel #5 is the ideal age to be considered a match. Their prediction was that Pete, played by Diego Boneta, was the one behind the mask.

The Red Devil utilized a chainsaw to terrorize Wallace University on'Scream Queens