Seagate & Microsoft Announce An Offical Add-on Hard Drive for the Xbox One

The compact and portable Game Drive for Xbox enables the capability to take your catalog of downloaded games and achievements for continued game play on any Xbox One or Xbox 360 console.


Designed for the Xbox One and coloured in Xbox green for that very reason, the aptly-named (2 Terabyte) Game Drive looks to help the console’s owners deal with their storage dilemmas. With RRPs of comparable 2TB hard disk drives perched around your £80 notice, that’s not poor if you really require a fancy-looking force beside your awesome dashboard. Now, before we get any further, it needs to be pointed out that the Xbox One will work with any USB 3.0 based hard drive, but Seagate is the only company to provide one that is licensed and endorsed with the Xbox branding. If you want to add some Xbox branding to your storage, the price premium over a less attractive model should not be too much. Thanks to plug-and-play functionality it should power-up instantly meaning access to games, game saves, or media right away. That’s why hard drive manufacturer Seagate is stepping in to address a growing area of concern by partnering up with Microsoft for a new solution. With the Seagate Game Drive for Xbox, you will no longer need to delete games to make more room on the console’s library.


To learn in more detail how you can use external drives on your console check out our guide below.

Seagate Game Drive For Xbox One 360 connected