Seahawks’ Kam Chancellor to end his holdout

The Seattle Seahawks have had a tough start to the 2015 National Football League season.


By showing up and ending his holdout, Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor will resume earning game checks in excess of $267,000 per week. Smith received a text from Chancellor this morning, saying he is on his way back to Seattle with the intent to end his extended holdout.

It is unknown if the 27-year-old Chancellor is returning to the team with a new contract in hand- though it seems doubtful given reports – or if any of the fines incurred during his holdout will be forgiven. When Chancelor came to that realization, he decided to suck it up and wait till after the season to as he said, “address the business”.

“At this moment, he’s not battling with us, so I can’t really tell you what (his absence means)”, Thomas told me in a private conversation at his locker.

That lion will once again be running with his wild dogs and the Seahawks still have plenty of time to make another Super Bowl run. The Seahawks did not give Chancellor anything to return.

Without Chancellor the Seattle defensive unit has been lackluster and less threatening to receivers who run across the middle of the field.

The Seahawks have been given a roster exemption in order to allow Chancellor to practice.

Chancellor had been said to want $4 million of his salary from 2017 moved to 2016. The hope is, obviously, that Kam can help get his teammates back on track. He added that he considered sitting out the entire season, but the bond between him and his teammates was too strong and he claims he could have made a play to change the outcome in the first two games.

Chancellor has been holding out since the start of training camp, seeking a re-worked contract. Chancellor signed a $28 million extension in April 2013 but claims he’s being paid below market value. He was drafted by the Seahawks in 2010 and has eight interceptions in his career.


Chancellor also answered the question a lot of people are curious about, “I know I can play Sunday”.

Seahawks' Kam Chancellor to end his holdout