Second Wave Of Animal Crossing Amiibo Revealed

We don’t even know when the first wave will launch outside of Japan officially, and they’ve got Wave 2. We previously had the announcement of eight Animal Crossing amiibo, but now Nintendo has announced another four more than a month ahead of the release of the first set.


Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is a very interesting entry in the beloved Animal Crossing series. This evening, NeoGaf user, James Scott, spotted a link to all of the amiibo figures announced for the game, so far! Nintendo has also listed 12 individual Crossing Amiibo Festival figures. From the looks of it, Japanese fans will have to wait till December 17 to get their hands on Figurine such as Blathers, Celeste, Resetti and Kicks.


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is available now on Nintendo eShop and in stores. The two showing on the the game’s section on another page of Japan’s Nintendo site shows both Isabelle and Digby included with the game, along with three Animal Crossing amiibo cards. About what you’d expect, really: a little chip and not much else.

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