Security concerns raised over Pokemon Go app

Similar to the iPhone and Android hack that we highlighted last week, you can run an Android emulator and load the Pokemon Go APK onto it. You might think so after a weekend media frenzy that has inspired headlines including “14 Reasons Why Pokemon Go Is The Future Of Learning” and “Pokemon GO: What education should be”.


“I have always liked the idea of going around the real world to collect and catch Pokemon; it has been a dream of mine”, Garcia said.

The augmented reality game, which is available in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, went temporarily live for some hours in China on Monday and has since gone insane with lucky hunters posting on their social networks all kinds of cute-looking Pokemons they find and capture in their bedrooms and in offices.

Nintendo’s stock surge began on Thursday after the launch of its first smartphone game from the Pokemon franchise, which invites users to hunt for the popular fantastical creatures in real-world locations using their phone camera.

Pokemon Go relies on your phones Global Positioning System to track your location to let you interact with wild Pokemon and Poke Stops in your vicinity.

So keep on catching those Pokemons PokeTrainers!

If the information said “Pokemon Go has full access to your Google account” experts suggest you click the “remove” button to revoke that access.

This hack can obviously be used by people who want to cheat in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go’s success is no surprise for analysts.

Said The Pokemon Company of any safety concerns: “We are so grateful to our fans for turning this game into such a trend”.

Hanke also touched on other elements of the AR game that can still be improved, such as the existing Gyms and Pokestops.

“The best part is the fact that you have to get up and move to find the Pokemon”, said 21-year-old Brenna Galloway. The app uses the Global Positioning System and clock on your phone to create what is called, “augmented reality”.


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