See Kylie Jenner’s $320k Gift to Herself

The 18-year-old just added another auto to her garage and it’s – you know, NBD – a 0,000 Rolls Royce Ghost.


Kylie showed off the latest addition to her series of expensive cars, a $320,000 Rolls Royce Ghost, on October 2, and it’s nothing short of unbelievable.

“You’re such a rapper now”, a friend in the background joked. The “Keeping Up in the Kardashians” professional hugged and pecked her guy as the boy sustained to reputation the chant he done about her. Kylie swiftly organised off time following such a adopt. Jenner also owns a Ferrari and a Land Rover, the colors of which E!

But it wasn’t an average automotive that any 18-year old could receive-its…

As soon as her new ride arrived, Kylie immediately took to Snapchat to share her incredible wheels with the world.

Up next, will Jenner get the Rolls Royce wrapped in velvet like her sister Khloé Kardashian?

But this was not a typical vehicle that an 18-year old would receive-its never that way with the Kardashians/Jenners. And judging by Kylie squealing “Yaaay!”


From what we see the Rolls Royce comes with a plush white interior.

See Kylie Jenner's $320k Gift to Herself