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The storyline will be playing by the same zombie universe rules, but Fear the Walking Dead is a totally different show-not a spinoff, prequel, or The Walking Dead: Los Angeles.


In anticipation for the series premiere of AMC’s zombie apocalypse-fest Fear the Walking Dead, the network has released a worldwide exclusive clip of the first scene on its website. There are times when viewers expect to see zombies … but don’t.

It’s only a short teaser of what’s to come, but the critical reaction from TV writers who have seen the pilot has been surprisingly positive.

The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman has been a bit quiet these days, mostly because he doesn’t have a choice.

“I don’t really know anything about Rick Grimes”, Curtis says. If you recall AMC’s promo from back in June, it showed Nick running in sheer panic. Can it ever be on the same level as The Walking Dead? “So, we took a much different, cerebral approach to the walkers by playing up some of the damage that’s occurred to them during this sort of outbreak”. “A time when danger was lurking around every corner and the thing most likely to get you killed was your own ignorance of the rapidly changing world around you”.

Rick was in a coma for four or five weeks; the first six episodes of “Fear” cover about three weeks, according to Erickson.

Perhaps, Tobias doesn’t die a grisly death then, but will appear later on in the series just like Morgan did in Fear’s companion series, The Walking Dead? While we are quite familiar with what’s happening in Los Angeles, the characters in the show have no idea what’s going on.

Fear the Walking Dead will premiere on AMC in the US on Sunday (August 23) at 9pm ET.


Amazon Prime Instant Video UK has acquired the streaming rights to The Walking Dead spin-off Fear The Walking Dead after striking a deal with global distributor Entertainment One (eOne), TVWise has learned.

First Scene of Fear The Walking Dead