Selena Gomez Feels Like A ‘Pregnant Woman At Nine Months’ — BUT Why?!

Selena Gomez recently sported an irresistibly sexy black bathing suit in Miami.


Good For You” hitmaker Selena Gomez insists she is “a lot kinder” to herself now than she has been in the past. The 23-year-old, who had her enviable frame on full show within the dangling costume, seemed an image of perfection as she showed-off her sculpted & tanned limbs. While she does have a very young face, in the long run that’s going to be at Gomez’s benefit, keeping her in roles rather than aging her out of them. The 23-year-old actress who had inked her thigh with a Hindu spiritual symbol of “Om” emerged out of the waters in Miami letting us take a look of the uncommon tattoo on a person that follows Christianity. “I’m glad I’ve never been ideal “.

Gomez also wanted her fans to hear all the songs in her new album.

In one of her most provocative photos to date, Gomez poses topless on the cover of Revival. Her new single “Same Old Love” grabs #43 as the week’s highest-charting debut.

“I’m so proud of everything that I’ve done”. “I feel really great about myself, and the first thing you kind of have to do is admit that to yourself, and I think I have”. “I couldn’t even imagine what my fans or kids go through at school – it’s just so hard and bad “. “My album artwork is so well done and I just think it’s beautiful…I love being able to kind of have my own ways of doing things”, added Gomez, reported Eonline.


But when ET Online, chatted with the singer earlier this month at New York Fashion Week, she opened up that all the criticism did in fact affected her at some point.

Selena Gomez Tattoo 'Om'- A New Addition On Her Body