Selfies Could Replace Passwords To Pay Online

The experimental feature uses your camera’s front-facing camera and facial recognition technology so that you can pay with your face.


MasterCard executive Ajay Bhalla said in the interview on CNN: “We need to spot people for who they’re, not what they remember”. It is working on finalizing deals with banks so at this time customers who will get this tech first is unknown. If you go with facial recognition, you stare at the phone – blink once – and you’re done. “To pull this off, MasterCard said it has partnered with every smartphone maker”. Then you’re going to love MasterCard’s new ID Check security system.

In order to use the upcoming function, customers will be required to download the MasterCard app on their phone, and, once an online purchase is at the checkout stage, the app will push through a request asking for authorisation before payment is submitted.

Apple, BlackBerry, Google, Microsoft and Samsung have all signed up for their devices to be used in trials.

Mr Bhalla said that MasterCard will not be able to reconstruct the user’s face from the data, and that the information will be transmitted and stored securely.

However the “selfie” passwords could be cracked by specialists and hackers if they somehow figure out how to trick the software by a using a picture or video for example. “And I’m sure they’re doing the appropriate stuff to guard it”, assured Phillip Dunkelpberger of biometrics firm Nok Nok Labs.

MasterCard is testing a way to validate smartphone purchases via a scan of a shopper’s face. MasterCard begins experimenting with facial-scan technology so maybe soon taking selfies will be necessary.


So, up next: shopping with a fitness bracelet?

MasterCard Is Trying Out'Selfie Passwords