Shah trapped in Patna lift; too fat, says Lalu Prasad

Rashtriya Janata Dal chief and former Bihar chief minister Lalu Yadav on Friday taunted BJP president Amit Shah for getting trapped in the lift of the state guest house for almost an hour in Patna. Shah has reportedly discussed the seat sharing issue with his senior party leaders of Bihar. There was no lift operator around or anyone capable of handling such an emergency.


As the word spread, the twitteratis swung into action with their own set of comments which went heywired among the social media animals.

BJP leaders have alleged that lift incident could be a conspiracy and this matter should be thoroughly probed.

In the meantime, BJP state president Mangal Pandey and other BJP leaders are saying that the entire episode was a conspiracy against Shah. It was then that CRPF was asked to break open the doors. “Despite overloading, the lift did take off, but got stuck six inches short of the stop point on the first floor”.


Later, the security personnel cut the steel doors of the elevator to pull out Mr. Shah and others. Amit shah was present there to attend a campaign for the party for the assembly polls and he left for Delhi today morning by flight. The Times of India reported that all of those inside were “totally panic stricken”, and that it took Shah another half an hour to get back to normal after the incident, which is what most of us would expect if we had to undergo the same ordeal. The security personnel who was outside the lift immediately called the toll free number provided in the lift. “There was nobody present there to deal with such emergencies despite the fact that a person having Z+ security cover was staying there”. Earlier this month, a woman in Queen Mary Hospital, Lucknow and who was being conveyed in a lift after child birth, died, after the elevator got stuck for almost 90 mins.

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