Shocking New Video: Former Planned Parenthood Technician Describes Harvesting

In the videos, a medical director for Planned Parenthood is seen talking about collecting fetal tissue.


The videos on Planned Parenthood have incensed Republican lawmakers across the nation.

Their move to defund the group fell short earlier this month.

And similar investigations at Planned Parenthoods in other states, including Massachusetts, Georgia, Indiana and South Dakota, have found no evidence of wrongdoing.

In the seventh undercover video by The Center for Medical Progress, Holly O’Donnell describes the case that turned her against StemExpress. “If they were serous about reducing abortions, they would work with Planned Parenthood to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies”. Title X funding is not used for abortions and actually prevents an abortion once every 90 seconds.

Allies of Planned Parenthood say there are countless reasons why they’re standing behind it.

The dispute comes after Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott ordered regulators to investigate 16 Planned Parenthood facilities amid a national controversy over secretly recorded videos that opponents say show the organization illegally selling aborted fetal tissue. “Each community with a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic or satellite office needs to take action against the killing of babies and the trafficking of their body parts“.

AHCA secretary Liz Dudek told us last week she disagreed with Planned Parenthood’s claims that AHCA is changing the definition of the procedures.

A new rule issued Friday by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey requires abortion clinics in that state to report what happens to the remains of aborted fetuses.

According to Anna North, a columnist in the New York Times, Planned Parenthood performs 4.5 million sexually transmitted disease tests and treatments every year, nearly 400,000 pap smears and nearly 500,000 breast exams, while only 3 percent of its health care services are for abortions.


“The federal government has made it clear that states can not cut women off from high-quality health care at Planned Parenthood like this”, echoed Planned Parenthood’s executive vice president Dawn Laguens in a statement.

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