Shots Fired! Marco Rubio Calls Trump “Touchy”, “Insecure” & “Not Well Informed”

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, who previously sketched out a plan to reduce corporate and individual taxes, on Friday added a new tax-linked paid-leave policy.


In what could be another sign of Trump fatigue, the billionaire Manhattan developer drew major jeers while trying to poke fun at fellow presidential candidate Marco Rubio in front of conservative activists on Friday.

Rubio’s statements came shortly after Trump made a couple of digs at him Thursday in an interview on CNN. Both of Bush’s performances had been widely panned by observers, while Rubio has appeared to have found his footing last Wednesday evening on a crowded stage. Now, it seems Senator Marco Rubio has become the latest target of one of Trump’s favorite insults: lightweight.

Trump and Rubio have been anything but “nice” to each other this week, engaging in a continued back-and-forth that started Tuesday. He said Trump is “not really well informed on the issues” and relies on attacking people. The Republican frontrunner, who told reporters that Rubio was “a baby” before speaking, also attacked the Florida senator’s past support for immigration reform.

Building his base is going to be key to his campaign strategy if Rubio wants to do well and improve in the polls.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to the media before a campaign event on September 23, 2015, in Columbia, South Carolina.

“Believe me, I’ll know more about this than all of them put together,” Trump said.

Donald Trump figured he’d have some difficulty convincing attendees of the right-wing Christian Value Voters Summit that he was sufficiently Christian, being from Sin City and all.

“The word “Christmas” — I love Christmas…And you know, other people can have their holidays, no. But Christmas is Christmas”, Trump said.

Since the second GOP debate, Rubio has surged in the polls.

Rubio talked of the pope’s praise for the United States, but he added, “I’m not supporting any ideas that don’t do anything to help our environment” but will hurt the economy. “He shouldn’t be running in this race as far as I’m concerned”, Trump said. I’ve never seen a person sweat – I’ve never seen a guy down water like he downs water.


Marco Rubio is the first GOP candidate to announce a policy for paid family leave. “I don’t think so”.

Marco Rubio Trades Insults With Donald Trump