Should Xbox One games be built without parity?

A Crackdown 3 multiplayer beta will be offered on the Xbox One, and the home console will get the entire mode in the summer of 2016.


Reagent Games’ Creative Director Dave Jones was more than happy to put Crackdown 3’s destructive playground straight into our hands during a behind closed doors presentation that from a technical standpoint blew practically every other title at Gamescom out of the water.

Better yet, it’s a feature you don’t even have to worry about at all if you’re just craving that single-player (or story co-operative) experience – since cloud power will be restricted to online multiplayer. Now that the tables have turned, it only seems fair that developers should try to use each console’s strengths when developing their games, which potentially includes the many uses of Microsoft’s Cloud structure. Regardless, little is known about the massively anticipated Xbox One exclusive, including the single player, and its multiplayer component. The gameplay they showed featured a character ripping through walls with a standard assault rifle, and then, even more impressively, destroying skyscrapers that became rubble.

In order to live up to that original ideal, Jones and his team decided that each and every element within Crackdown 3’s world should be destructible. Detailing is only one part of the addition that was truly captivating; more so with the environmental interaction that players are to receive with the latest installment.

Crackdown 3’s demo was showcased during Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) media briefing at Gamescom 2015.

Another reason for omitting destruction from the single player campaign is because it’s not really what the game is about.

Examining Crackdown 3 at this early stage it very much feels like a game of two halves. Again, all powered by the mysterious cloud, which is able to effectively stream power to the Xbox One. It wasn’t entirely fun, so it’s thankfully not coming to Crackdown 3.

Sceptical? That’s not surprising, and the developers showcasing the game to us were well aware of that. This means that if you see a building you want to bring down, you can. If this insane concept works, maybe we’ll see more folks tapping into the Cloud for extra processing power.